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The Best Real Estate Has To Offer

All right already with the hype! What IS; “The best real estate has to offer?” In simple terms, it is a transaction in which our seller receives the highest possible price for his or her property within the timeframe that meets his or her goals. That’s it! How does Gary do it? By employing his exclusive “5 Steps to a Successful Sale™” program. It goes like this…

5 Steps to a Successful Sale™

A wise man once said: “If you don’t know where you’re going, that’s where you’ll end up.” Gary’s “5 Steps to a Successful Sale™” program will eliminate any chance that the same fate will befall you.

This first and most critical step will determine exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. Are you after the highest possible price? Perhaps time is more valuable to you than money. Will you be selling outright or will you be replacing your current home with another property – either here or somewhere else? Will the property be vacant or occupied by you or a tenant? Is it important that the sale of your current home and the purchase of your replacement home close at the same time so you don’t have to make two moves? Is this a sale of an investment property that will require a 1031 tax-deferred exchange? Should you fix-up your property or sell it “as is?” The answers to these and other questions will assist Gary in formulating a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals within the timeframe you desire. Another important part of the selling process is the positioning of your “product” in the marketplace, which takes us to Step #2.

Positioning of your “product” in the marketplace is critical. Based on your choice of possible outcomes, Gary will establish the market value of your property from two perspectives: The first will illustrate the price and net proceeds you’d receive if the property is sold in its current “as is” condition. The second look-see will estimate how much more, if anything, you’d receive after spending money to improve the condition of the property. The amount of your net proceeds and the time it will take for you to receive them will help you determine which scenario best suits your needs. The scenario you choose then becomes the assignment that Gary is tasked to carry out.

Once Gary has received his assignment, he’ll develop a marketing plan that will attract the very people who are interested in locating a property like yours. Once your marketing plan is established, Gary will put it into motion. In a nutshell, Gary markets his listings to both the real estate community and to the general public. Prospective purchasers will have an easy time finding information about your property, whether they locate it on their own or with the assistance of their real estate agent through our local MLS system.

Once your marketing plan is up and running, it’s time to begin measuring its effectiveness. Is the property attracting the projected number of buyer-visits per week? Did the buyers who visited your home appreciate what you have to offer? If not, why? Are prospective purchasers driving by and taking the anticipated number of marketing brochures from your outdoor receptacle? Is Gary’s web advertising producing the anticipated number of “hits” each week? Have sales of properties similar to yours taken place since your property was added to the inventory? If so, why were those properties chosen over yours? Gary will provide the answers to these and other questions on a weekly basis, so that you and he can make sure your plan is on track to produce the desired result.

What exactly is the desired result? In simple terms, it is the receipt of an acceptable purchase agreement that meets or exceeds your needs; followed by an on time and uneventful closing. But what if the terms of the purchase agreement fall short of your expectations? Not a problem. Gary has the skills and expertise to competently guide you through the negotiation process until you and the buyer find common ground. While it is not always possible for buyers and sellers to reach common ground, Gary’s win-win negotiating strategies routinely result in the parties reaching an amicable “meeting of the minds.”

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