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Thanks for allowing us to share our buyer-services philosophy with you. In a nutshell, we want all of our clients to experience “The Best Real Estate Has to Offer™.” Here’s how we do it:

There are two basic types of buyer services offered by New Mexico real estate agents: Plain ‘ol Services (PoS) and the services of an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR).

Gary has been selling real estate for more than 37 years and has been offering only Accredited Buyer Representative services to clients and customers since 1999. What’s the difference between the PoS service and ABR service? Accredited Buyer Representatives, like Gary, receive advanced training in all aspects of servicing the needs of home buyers – including the loan process. In addition, they work for the buyer and pledge to keep the buyer’s best interests in mind throughout the entire real estate process.

As an added benefit, Gary is authorized by the State of New Mexico to be your Mortgage Broker, and is fully qualified to oversee your mortgage loan process from application to closing. Here are a few more tidbits about how Gary’s Accredited Buyer Representative services can help you achieve…

First, what exactly is “The best real estate has to offer?” It’s a transaction in which our clients and customers find not only just the right property at the right price, they also obtain the best available financing at the lowest possible rate of interest and with the lowest possible closing costs. How is that accomplished? By following Gary Sandler’s exclusive “5 Steps to a Successful Purchase™.”

5 Steps to a Successful Purchase™

This is the most important step of the entire buying process. Are you a first-time buyer? Are you replacing your current home with another? Are you relocating within the Las Cruces area or to or from an area outside of Las Cruces? Do you have to sell property elsewhere before you can purchase here? Do you have a timetable? How about a lease? Do you need information about healthcare, childcare, schools, transportation, shopping, etc? Gary wants to know the answers to these and other vital questions. Your responses will help him determine the strategic course of action he’ll employ to guide you through your home purchase and/or sale process.

What about the financing? As a Mortgage Broker, Gary is fully qualified to originate your loan application and help you determine what type of mortgage or mortgage products match your financial goals – at no charge! The length of time you intend to own your home, the size of your down payment, your employment record, credit scores and a few other factors will determine which loan products best suit your needs. Once your loan products have been identified, Gary (and you, if you’re so inclined) will “shop” locally and around the country for the lender or lenders who carry those types of loan products. After that, it’s “let the competition begin,” as the lenders compete head-to-head for your business.

Once this critical first step is completed, you’ll know the exact amount of your down payment, monthly payment, closing costs and reserves for taxes and insurance. You’ll also have at your disposal one or more lenders eager to verify in writing that you are indeed qualified (not just pre-qualified) to purchase the home of your choice. Next to paying cash for a property, there’s no better position to be in when negotiating with a seller.

While your prospective lenders are counting their respective beans, you’ll be searching for your new home. But how will you know when you’ve found just the right property? Believe me, you’ll know. The thing will reach out and grab you like some sort of deranged creature out of a 1950’s sci-fi movie. But how will you know if the particular property that grabbed you is indeed the best one for the money? You’ll know that as well because you will have had the opportunity to view 100% of the homes that fit your needs, not just those that are listed by local Realtors®. How’s that possible? It’s as EZ as pie.

In addition to viewing properties listed by local Realtors® through the local Multiple Listing System, Gary also shows his buyers For Sale by Owner offerings, Estate Sale offerings, Bank Repossessions, Foreclosures and even homes that are not for sale now but will be listed for sale in the near future. Can you see the benefit to this superior level of service? You’ll know that you’ve chosen the best property for the money because Gary will have made sure that you had access to the entire inventory of homes available for sale – not just those properties listed through local real estate firms.

Eureka, you’ve found your dream home! But how will you know how much to offer the seller? It’s simple. Gary will perform a Market Analysis on the property or properties you’ve identified to determine the true market value of each. You and he will then compare the true market value of the property with the seller’s asking price. Is the asking price above the market value? If so, perhaps an offer below the asking price and closer to the actual value is in order. What if the value of the property is appreciably higher than its asking price? In that instance, should you consider making a full-price offer so that no other buyer has an opportunity to compete for the property. The choice will be up to you. Gary will provide all of the facts and information you’ll need in order to make confident and informed decisions.

The negotiations are over and you’re excited about your find. But how will you know if any hidden problems or defects exist in the house or any of its components? The answer is to inspect, inspect, inspect! Purchasing a home doesn’t have to be stressful, however. Reserving the right to fully inspect the property is akin to putting it on layaway for a week or two. During that time and without pressure, you’ll have ample opportunity to check for electrical, plumbing and structural problems as well as for infestation by termites and other desert creatures.

Find something you don’t like? No problem, you can ask the seller to make repairs or provide an allowance in lieu of the fix-up. Seller won’t cooperate? No problem there either. You can accept the property in its “as is” condition or simply walk away. Gary’s years of experience in finding common ground between buyers and sellers will help you safely and successfully navigate through the negotiation process.

Now that you’ve found the right home at the right price and have locked-in the best loan at the lowest possible rate of interest, it’s time to think about the closing process. Is the home in the same condition today as it was on the day you purchased it? Has the seller completed all of the necessary repairs? Is your loan firmly in place? Is the title to the property clear and ready to be transferred? If so, you’re ready to sign on the dotted line. If not, you’ll have an opportunity to postpone the closing while any errors, mistakes, or omissions have been corrected. After that, your deed will be recorded and the transfer will be official. You’ll then join the ranks of those who have achieved the “American Dream.”

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