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Sellers who own property In Las Cruces but live elsewhere require “Special Handling.” Why? Because they seldom have the opportunity to Look Their Agent in the Eye!

How many times have you heard this story: “I listed my home with so-and-so, and the first thing he did was disappear!” That won’t happen to you when your property is listed with Gary Sandler Inc., Realtors®. Gary has been an Absentee Owner Specialist for more than 20 of his 37 years in real estate, working closely with those out-of-town owners who are unable to meet face-to-face with their agent.

Gary made the decision to focus on Absentee sellers after listing an out-of-town property he owned with an agent he never met. The service was awful, to say the least, with no contact, feedback or meaningful information provided for months. Gary was frustrated, but could do nothing because he was just too far away to effectively oversee the progress of his sale.
As a result of his personal experience, Gary has developed a comprehensive and communication oriented Absentee Owner service. What is this “comprehensive and communication oriented” Absentee Owner service? Try this list on for size:

Before his initial Market Analysis is completed, Gary will need to know the answers to a few questions: Is property occupied or is it vacant? Are the utilities operational? Is there a mortgage to be paid off? Is there a foreclosure pending? Is the property ready for sale or will it need to be cleaned up? How much time will be allotted to market, sell and close the transaction? How much will the closing costs total? What amount of cash will be generated as a result of the sale? Is this an income (rental) property that requires a 1031 tax-deferred exchange? Who will maintain the property while it is for sale? Once these questions are answered, it’s time to set the price.

Positioning of your “product” in the marketplace is critical. Based on your choice of possible outcomes, Gary will establish the market value of your property from two perspectives: The first will illustrate the price and net proceeds you’d receive if the property is sold in its current “as is” condition. The second look-see will estimate how much more, if anything, you’d receive after spending money to improve the condition of the property. The amount of your net proceeds and the time it will take for you to receive them will help you determine which scenario best suits your needs. The scenario you choose then becomes the assignment that Gary is tasked to carry out.

Once Gary has received his assignment, he’ll develop a marketing plan that will attract the very people who are interested in locating a property like yours. Once your marketing plan is established, Gary will put it into motion. In a nutshell, Gary markets his listings to both the real estate community and to the general public. Prospective purchasers will have an easy time finding information about your property, whether they locate it on their own or with the assistance of their real estate agent through our local MLS system.

Once your custom marketing plan is up and running, it’s time to begin measuring its effectiveness. Is the property attracting the projected number of buyer-visits per week? Did the buyers who visited your home appreciate what you have to offer? If not, why? Are prospective purchasers driving by and taking the anticipated number of marketing brochures from your outdoor receptacle? Is Gary’s web advertising producing the anticipated number of “hits” each week? Have sales of properties similar to yours taken place since your property was added to the inventory? If so, why were those properties chosen over yours? Gary will provide the answers to these and other questions on a weekly basis, so that you and he can make sure your plan is on track to produce the desired result.

What exactly is the desired result? In simple terms, it is the receipt of an acceptable purchase agreement that meets or exceeds your needs; followed by an on time and uneventful closing. But what if the terms of the purchase agreement fall short of your expectations? Not a problem. Gary has the skills and expertise to competently guide you through the negotiation process until you and the buyer find common ground. While it is not always possible for buyers and sellers to reach common ground, Gary’s win-win negotiating strategies routinely result in the parties reaching an amicable “meeting of the minds.”
Without the benefit of Gary Sandler’s extraordinary communication, Absentee Owners have little or no chance of monitoring the progress of their out-of-town sales. Want to know more?

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